Why Stay Stuck When You Can Break Free?

One-to-one coaching for Christian Men in Business who want to overcome the limiting beliefs, mental barriers, and systemic struggles that are holding you back.

As men, we all carry "head trash" or "baggage" that prevents us from fully stepping into the role and results God has intended for us. In my coaching, I use a revolutionary approach to help you eliminate these limitations and live out the "plans for good" in your life and business. 

Read on to learn how and why I do this...

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Where will you be in one year if nothing changes?

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Feeling stuck where you're at and unsure where to turn from here?

graphic of person stuck on hamster wheel

Doing the same things over and over again without seeing any progress?

graphic of person getting pulled in multiple directions

Pulled in too many directions at once and not getting anywhere?



The Leadership Advantage Program

This 12-week program will transform your life, business, and spiritual journey. It begins with two 4-hour breakthrough sessions. By leveraging the power of your unconscious mind, you will overcome limiting beliefs and the things that are holding you back.

Ongoing 1-on-1 coaching sessions will ensure that the changes last. You will feel confident in your ability to lead, have the focus to follow through on your plans and be on your way to a more fulfilled and intentional life.

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Why It Works

Research shows that holding onto self-doubt and past mistakes makes it nearly impossible to make progress. However, when you release these doubts, you are able to move forward confident in your abilities and focused on where you want to be going, leaving you more fulfilled.

Lasting change is a 4-part process. During this 12-week program, you'll walk through each part of the process, breaking old habits, and laying the groundwork for a new way of thinking.

This leads to business growth, increased revenue, and greater opportunities.

Check out this short viewing explaining in more detail what makes The Leadership Advantage Program different from other coaching models and why it is so effective.



The Leadership Advantage Program is designed to create lasting change. Instead of being stuck, you will feel confident, focused, and fulfilled.

Why does this matter?

Ultimately, this leads to business growth, increased revenue, more time with your family, and more time spent doing the things you want to be doing.

Step 1

The Initial Assessment

  • 1 Hour Phone Call

  • Identify what area of life you want to focus on (most people pick career, but other areas include relationships, family, physical health etc)

  •  Finalize Details and schedule breakthrough sessions

    This initial assessment lays the groundwork for the rest of the coaching.

Step 2

The Breakthrough Session

  • 2 Four-hour sessions

  • Break through your limiting beliefs

  •  Release the thoughts that are holding you back.

    During this time, you will work through your limiting beliefs and the things that have been holding you back through a research-based process that engages the unconscious mind and allows you to start creating new mental pathways and ways of thinking. Your mindset matters!

Step 3

Ongoing Coaching

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls

  •  Create the accountability you need to move forward

  •  Start achieving your goals

    Your biweekly coaching calls are essential to help you continue the work you did during the breakthrough sessions. It's during this time that you will develop the mindset that leaves you feeling confident, focused, and fulfilled.  

Connect with Kyle

Who We Are

Coach Kyle Gillette has been empowering business leaders for over 15 years. He uses a combination of behavior analysis, neurolinguistic programming, and research-based practices to help you move past your limiting beliefs into the future God has planned for you.

Kyle is the creator of the BLUE Shirt Leadership Framework which guides his coaching and provides a proven roadmap for success. He focuses on helping you develop the mindsets and habits that are necessary to be a great leader, both in the workplace and at home. 

He believes that God wants to use you where you are...and he's excited to walk alongside you as you make a difference for His kingdom.

Corbin B.

Kyle was able to quickly identify and ask the right question to get me unstuck in my thought process through his coaching. He made the conversation easy and created a safe space for me to work through my self-imposed barriers. It was life-changing and I cannot wait to see what has been unleashed in me.

Mark K.

Kyle coached me and was very present and listened well. A new ministry was birthed! His expertise and experience is evident. He sent me an excellent personality test. I didn’t expect or predict his unique and helpful questions. Highly recommended.

Todd H.

I was letting myself be pushed around by everyone else's expectations, which left me stressed, overwhelmed, and drained. Kyle helped me restructure how I approach work, which has made a dramatic difference. I'm spending more time on things that really matter...and overall I feel much more in charge of my own destiny.

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